Maybe you write in fits and starts, or a little every day.

Maybe you write in long spells, compelled to stay with the story, as novelist Elle Amberley told us.

Do you have a timetable you stick to rigidly as Roald Dhal used to?

Or are you an undisciplined writer?

Do you revise as you write, or do you write your first draft and then go back?

And, how much do you let yourself be distracted by social media and others?

So, come and let us know. We’re waiting to hear from you.


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  1. Marianne Tong says:

    I’m a very reluctant writer. As a child, I hated to write the letters my mother forced me to write to my faraway relatives. In high school, I hated to type on those clattering typewriters. As a young woman, I discovered that writing could be therapeutic and a miraculous avenue for staying in touch with my beloved. I also learned that I could get things accomplished by writing letters to the appropriate authorities. Eventually, I earned a degree in English and found that writing is an art form!

    When I became a grandmother, I started to write down my experiences so that they could get to know me even after I was gone. The invention of the Personal Computer helped me to overcome the resistance to typing. After helping an eighty-year-old friend “upload” her manuscript and holding her finished book in my hand, I decided to get serious about getting my memoir written and published. I also put together a manuscript of shorter works that I had accumulated over the years. This second book was published this year.

    Now I’m back to my old habits: reluctant to get going on my commitment to write a third book. I keep putting off the actual writing even though I have an outline and all kinds of ideas. Shame on me!

    • indiopress says:

      Very interesting. Still, you published two books. I guess writers all have their ways. Many do procrastinate though, so you’re not alone.
      Best of luck for when the inspiration strikes you and thanks for your comment.

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