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The Future of Media

The Future of Media: Brands Are Publishers Now Too As if newspapers and magazine publishers didn’t have enough problems already, what with declining advertising revenue and the difficulty of getting readers to pay via iPad (s aapl) apps and paywalls, the number of competitors they face is expanding almost daily — and it’s not just aggregators like The Huffington Post. High-end group shopping service Gilt Groupe has just launched its own cooking magazine, and the New York Public Library has launc … Read More

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What’s on your bookshelf?

So what’s on your bookshelf?   

Do you even still have a bookshelf?

Or do you read it all on a Kindle?

I love reading any old way, but I still favour books. The ones you can hold in your hands and stack everywhere in your house.

But what do you like reading. We specialise at this point in women’s fiction. We want to read intelligent, well-crafted stories. The ones you can’t put down…

What about you?

Which book would you like to read right now?

Twitter, the marketing tool for writers?

This Thing Called Twitter What The Heck Is Social Networking? YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. What do all these things have in common? Well, I think we can all agree they are among the most popular social networking sites available. From sharing videos of some of the most ridiculous things you can imagine, to posting photos and stories about yourself, to casual chatting, to making business connections, the whole social networking thing used to be such a blu … Read More

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Rethinking an Author’s Career Path

Almost un-noticed in the ‘gold rush’ of self-publishing and the obstinacy of traditional publishing to cling on to the old ways has been the fact that writers really need to re-evaluate what it means to have a career as an author. The traditional route was: Write a book.  Get an agent.  Agent sells to editor.  Editor promotes in-house.  Sales reps place books in stores.  Stores sell books to readers.  Hope for an explosion out of the gate with hi … Read More

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The perfectionist

What do you do when you have one of those authors?

The type who keeps tweaking, just one more little change. You tell them, the book is great, let’s get it out there.

Are all writers perfectionist? Some are, some aren’t.

You only have to look at some of the extracts published on the net, full of clichés and written without style.

Hard to believe, someone let that out there, someone is proud of it, someone wrote a review, or was ‘asked’ to write one.

Put that against a book everyone is waiting for, but the author is questioning herself. Hard to let go of your babies.

You know who you are, so get on with it.

The Man who Loves Chick Lit (via )

Humfrey Hunter - The Man who Loves Chick Lit I am most definitely not your stereotypical chicklit fan. I’m a 34-year-old man who likes sport, beer and walking my dog more than just about anything in the world. But despite all that, I love chicklit and I’ve read countless girly-covered paperbacks over many years. Why? Simple – because they’re brilliant books. To me, the appeal of chicklit (apart from technical stuff like being well-written and funny and having strong characters) boils down t … Read More


Writing in bed, you bet (via Elleonthego’s Blog)

Reblogged with kind permission of novelist Elle A-S.

Writing in bed, you bet And why not? I carry a notebook with me everywhere, but a quick look at my bedside table will reveal four of five, plus loose notes and other books I might need for research.  Inspiration has the knack to strike in the most unlikely or impractical places, but in bed? Every night. I have to switch the light back on several times in the evening before I can fall asleep, if I can indeed fall asleep. I wake up during the night? You guessed it, I have … Read More

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